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Gold Tumblr by illest

Gold Tumblr by illest


Get this Geek Cotton Blend Sweater for only $8.79!


Get this Geek Cotton Blend Sweater for only $8.79!


Hey guys a lot of you all may know me already from this selfie  image

where I’m happy. The truth is that was the only time for the longest time until recently. I noticed a majority of you aren’t the happiest either and I’d like to help change that. I’d like to be your favorite blogger. Or at least one of them. My name is Josh for those who don’t know me my Url is and I hope to bring a little joy to your world. I have took a lot of time on my blog to do my best to make sure you guys enjoy yourselves. 

Here is my blog and the various features on it that I hope would suit you.image

I have life hacks that I update every month image

I also have weekly motivational inspirational and just plain old quotes that I update every week. I have worldwide suicidal hotlines in case you guys need or have a friend that needs some help. I have GAMES including the addicting FLAPPY BIRD along with ms pacman and tetris and last but not least I have stuff that would help make MATH EASIER for you all along with various links to New Movies Tv Shows and Anime! 

That’s pretty much it I just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know if you think you’re alone or no one cares that’s not entirely true I’m here for every single one of you and I’d like to hopefully bring joy to your day

Have a great day today guys don’t be afraid to shoot me a messsage I don’t bite 


hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 


Hey guys!

Today i’d like to introduce to to an online clothing store Choices  

I always shop online and have recently found this website. It has such affordable and trendy clothes and i would highly recommend it to you guys. 

I have picked out a couple of my favorite clothing items from the site above just to give you an idea of the clothes they have; like this Black Sexy Bodycon Party Dress With Lace Panel and this Pink Halter Push Up Bikini i would definitely wear. They also have such a huge range of clothing from accessories, shorts, jumpsuits, swimmers, sweatshirts and jackets! 

I’d love to show you guys more of their clothing in future & get your opinions on them & hopefully you guys will check out the site, what have you got to lose? Its an amazing site & i’m sure you will instantly find some clothing you find you just must have :) 

Just click HERE to go to their site & fall in love!

Enjoy the rest of your day lovelys :)


Bitch we are wearing the same thing


Bitch we are wearing the same thing



Imagine a world where dogs do not exist………



accidentally calls ur dad bae 


*tries to act cool by not texting back right away but forgets and never texts back*


waiting for someone to text back likeimage

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you two have the worst love story i have ever heard of. shame.



You win the internet for ‘best gif use’

'are you flirting with me or are you like this to everyone' a classic novel by me


*aggressively doesn’t know*